How To Pick The Best Mattress ?

In the face of all the mattresses well aligned in the rays, one feels quickly a little lost. It is better to ask the right questions before the purchase rather than to rely on the arguments of the seller or the names of high sounding technologies.

Foam, latex or springs?

That is the fundamental difference in technology between the mattresses, innovations to promising names under especially of bidding marketing.

If the choice is highly subjective and if the market remains dominated by the models in foam, the tests of mattresses made by “that choose “favor of mattresses to springs. There are always one or a few at the head of the rankings. They earn in comfort by adding layers of foam and in the whole, they cushion now as well the movements that the foam mattress. But it must not be concluded that they are suitable for the whole world: a mattress must try and we can feel much better on a foam mattress or in latex.

In addition, the mattress at the springs joins in preference to a mattress to springs. It is an additional expense that it avoids by buying a foam mattress when it is equipped with a slatted base.

Shape, memory or not?

The mattresses to shape memory are part of the top of the range in the bedding, with prices often high. They give rise to the opinion very sliced. It boasts their incomparable enveloping side which ensures a good quality of sleep or is complained to the contrary to be engoncé without being able to move.

Far from these debates of passion, the results of the laboratory tests for the “That choose “do plead hardly in favor of expensive mattresses to shape memory.

What price for a good mattress?

The tests of “That Choose “Show, mattresses to less than € 500 can be the best in terms of comfort, peacekeeping and held in aging that models sold in more than 2 000 €. If the ticking in silk can explain a high tariff, it does not guarantee the comfort or the absence of subsidence over the years. Rely on the price to make his choice would be an error.

Flexible, farm or balanced?

Regardless of the level of desired firmness, do not rely on the reference displayed on the label. As there is no scale of standardized firmness, each manufacturer the defines in its own way. A mattress “farm” for one can be qualified as “flexible” by another. The only good way to assess the level of firmness of a mattress is to try it.

The Winter Side and Opposite, be useful?

In general, the winter side contains a ticking a little thicker, or even slightly more of trim. But it is without impact on the comfort; we do not feel the difference.
This said, the face summer/winter presents an undeniable interest. It encourages returning the mattress at least two times per year, which avoids that the trim is cup over time. Take advantage of the opportunity to reverse head and feet also allows to better distributing the pressures.

Antiacariens mattresses or antibacterial?

Regardless that they ensure protect mites or microbes, most of the mattress that is displayed “anti” is the subject of a chemical treatment by substances biocides, classified for their harmfulness.
“That Choose “recommends instead to opt for a slatted base, vacuum regularly on the mattress, to avoid overheating the house and to aerate the bed every morning, large window open.

What Duration of warranty?

Five years, 7 years, 10 years and even up to 25 years, these warranty periods affriolantes do not serve in reality to nothing or not much since they exclude the “normal wear”. No need to make the duration of life a criterion of purchase.

How Do You Cool Down A Memory Foam Mattress?

By sweating all the night, we’ve all been looking for a good way to cool down our memory foam mattress. There are a lot of varieties of tools and ways you can use to cool down your mattress and we will help you in our article by giving you 2 tips to cool down our memory foam mattress :

1- Choose wisely your mattress topper :

how do you cool down a memory foam mattress

When you pick the most useful mattress topper for you, you will maximize the cooling of your mattress without breaking your bank. We would advise you to go with a 2-3 inches mattress topper to get the most benefits from it. Another thing to consider is the type of the topper.

You want to choose a cotton mattress topper because it will give you and your mattress a reasonable space to stop the heat from moving from your body to your mattress or vice-versa without crushing your sleep or breaking it. My suggestion would be to go with cotton topper if you’de love to stay cooler down a memory foam mattress.

You can also choose wool or memory foam mattress as they are one of the best choices you can go with. The former is known for drawing moisture from your body in order to keep you cool throughout the night, the latter is allowing more circulation to save your body temperature while you’re sleeping.



2- Pick the best mattress cover possible :

how do you cool down a memory foam mattress

Now you might be wondering; ” how do you cool down a memory foam mattress “? Well, the best solution would be going with a great mattress cover that will ensure that you won’t have to sacrifice your sleeping because of heat. And of course, we are going to help you exactly to pick up the best option for mattress cover so you don’t have to break your head!

First, let me ask you a simple question; did you know that the average person sweats a pint of his body’s water every night? Yes, I know that might be shocking but it’s the reality. Most people don’t even know the importance of having a mattress cover.

Here’s what you need to know, a mattress cover is going to cover your memory foam mattress from your sweat that is going to evaporate either in the air or in your mattress. A mattress cover helps you to separate the sweat from going to your mattress and that’s why it’s really essential to have a one. Now for the types, you can go with a lot of varieties but I would suggest, just like I do always, to check Amazon and go with the best type possible without hurting your bank. However, you don’t need to worry about the money because most of the mattresses covers are really affordable to get.



At the last, I would really advise you to read more about keeping your mattress cool so you can get a comfortable sleep without hurting your body temperature and I wish you good luck of course.


See you 🙂