How Do You Cool Down A Memory Foam Mattress?

By sweating all the night, we’ve all been looking for a good way to cool down our memory foam mattress. There are a lot of varieties of tools and ways you can use to cool down your mattress and we will help you in our article by giving you 2 tips to cool down our memory foam mattress :

1- Choose wisely your mattress topper :

how do you cool down a memory foam mattress

When you pick the most useful mattress topper for you, you will maximize the cooling of your mattress without breaking your bank. We would advise you to go with a 2-3 inches mattress topper to get the most benefits from it. Another thing to consider is the type of the topper.

You want to choose a cotton mattress topper because it will give you and your mattress a reasonable space to stop the heat from moving from your body to your mattress or vice-versa without crushing your sleep or breaking it. My suggestion would be to go with cotton topper if you’de love to stay cooler down a memory foam mattress.

You can also choose wool or memory foam mattress as they are one of the best choices you can go with. The former is known for drawing moisture from your body in order to keep you cool throughout the night, the latter is allowing more circulation to save your body temperature while you’re sleeping.



2- Pick the best mattress cover possible :

how do you cool down a memory foam mattress

Now you might be wondering; ” how do you cool down a memory foam mattress “? Well, the best solution would be going with a great mattress cover that will ensure that you won’t have to sacrifice your sleeping because of heat. And of course, we are going to help you exactly to pick up the best option for mattress cover so you don’t have to break your head!

First, let me ask you a simple question; did you know that the average person sweats a pint of his body’s water every night? Yes, I know that might be shocking but it’s the reality. Most people don’t even know the importance of having a mattress cover.

Here’s what you need to know, a mattress cover is going to cover your memory foam mattress from your sweat that is going to evaporate either in the air or in your mattress. A mattress cover helps you to separate the sweat from going to your mattress and that’s why it’s really essential to have a one. Now for the types, you can go with a lot of varieties but I would suggest, just like I do always, to check Amazon and go with the best type possible without hurting your bank. However, you don’t need to worry about the money because most of the mattresses covers are really affordable to get.



At the last, I would really advise you to read more about keeping your mattress cool so you can get a comfortable sleep without hurting your body temperature and I wish you good luck of course.


See you 🙂